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My husband loves goats. He always has. I don’t know what prompted the fascination but it is there. Brewing. Which, in the end, will mean only one thing. We will have goats. My firm stipulation is that we fix our … Continue reading

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French Toast for Fasting

After the significant amount we ate and drank at Saturday evening’s BBQ, and with the knowledge that we would be repeating this experience on Sunday afternoon, I decided that fasting would be a good idea on Sunday morning to help … Continue reading

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The Placenta Finally Gets Buried

I had a homebirth with my second child and it was one of the best experiences of my life. Little Solomon was born gently in the water in our candlelit bathroom at 12.12pm on 17 July 2009. Until last week, … Continue reading

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Polish Plum Cake

I wanted to bake a cake for a work colleague’s farewell morning tea. As this colleague has advised that she is currently on an air and dust diet, I decided to steer away from the cream and chocolate and icing-laden … Continue reading

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Rosie: A Beef Odyssey

Rosie the dexter cow was a sometimes cursed, always loved, member of our micro-farm family. But last Thursday, Mark the mobile butcher paid us a call. It was time for us to put our principles into action. To lovingly raise … Continue reading

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The Art of Eating

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Peanut Toffee Brittle

Just have to share one of my favourite quick treats. I hadn’t made Peanut Toffee Brittle in ages and then made a small batch in the Christmas holidays. The initial small batch turned into multiple batches – sometimes with whole … Continue reading

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Peach Breakfast Muffins

Our fridge is dying. I called about getting it repaired and was told that if the fridge was over 15 years old, which it probably is, then it would not be worth fixing. My husband and I had a little … Continue reading

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Improvisation in the Kitchen

Sometimes I will spend ages planning a meal – usually when guests are expected. But often, I won’t plan at all, and I find that those occasions – particularly when combined with hungry children and a less than fully stocked … Continue reading

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