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My husband loves goats. He always has. I don’t know what prompted the fascination but it is there. Brewing. Which, in the end, will mean only one thing. We will have goats. My firm stipulation is that we fix our … Continue reading

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Rosie: A Beef Odyssey

Rosie the dexter cow was a sometimes cursed, always loved, member of our micro-farm family. But last Thursday, Mark the mobile butcher paid us a call. It was time for us to put our principles into action. To lovingly raise … Continue reading

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Rosie, the contrary calf

Having waxed lyrical in an earlier post about the wonders of house cows, I now need to vent about the problems of cheeky calves. When I got up this morning and looked out the kitchen window, there was Rosie – … Continue reading

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Beefy Little Milkers

To me, low fat, pasteurised, homogonised milk is like day-time television. Totally banal and uninteresting, and definitely not something that nourishes the mind, body and soul. When I lived in Melbourne, I coveted raw 100% Jersey Aphrodite Bath Milk. I … Continue reading

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